RFP - Sonora Road Bridge over Martells Creek

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Bid Date4/19/19 5:00 pm

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Stanislaus County Public Works

Theron Roschen,PE   Fax209-541-2509

Stanislaus County Department of Public Works is soliciting a Request for Proposal
(RFP) for All Inclusive Engineering and Environmental Services for the Sonora Road
Bridge over Martells Creek Project located in Stanislaus County.

This request for proposal is for a project-specific contract between the County and Consultant for the performance of services and a defined scope of work related to this project. The scope of services will consist of the engineering design and preparation of 100%
contract documents consisting of plans, specifications, and cost estimates for the
construction of this project. The scope of services will also include the necessary
environmental studies, right of way services (permits to enter for construction access)
and work scopes to assist the County to obtain required State and Federal
environmental permits and authorizations.

If you wish to be considered for this project, submit three (3) hard copies and an
electronic copy on a USB device of your proposal (PDF format) to this office by 5:00
p.m., on March 29, 2019 to:

Theron Roschen, PE
Stanislaus County Department of Public Works
1716 Morgan Road
Modesto, CA 95358

A copy of this Request for Proposal is available for viewing and downloads on the Modesto
Reprographics website at www.modestoplanroom.com. Please contact Modesto Reprographics at (209) 544-2400 for assistance using the website if needed.

All questions regarding the RFP must be submitted in writing. Questions must be submitted to Theron Roschen at roschent@stancounty.com or via fax at (209) 541-2509. Addendums, if necessary, will be posted on the Modesto Reprographics website.